Husband Marries Her Again After She Lost Her Memory Due To A Tragic Accident.

In 2014, Jeremy and Justice Stamper of Virginia had the perfect wedding. But just 19 days after that most memorable day, Justice was in a very bad car accident, and soon, it was apparent that she had lost her memory of the past 5 weeks.

She did not have a trace of memory of her big wedding day. Her husband hated that for her; he knew that every woman always wanted to remember their wedding day. So he set things up to do it all over again for his bride.

Says Jeremy: “If she wasn’t happy, I wouldn’t be happy, so why not create another memory?”

With the help of strangers donating to an online funding site, the couple raised over $9,000 to have another wedding for Justice and Jeremy. And it was just as meaningful… and beautiful… as the first one. 

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