Husband ASKED His Wife Of 34 Years This In The Middle Of The Night.

In New Zealand, 68-year-old Michael has been married to Linda for the past 34 years. But he has suffered with Alzheimer’s since 2010, and has trouble understanding many things.

Michael, who is in the late stages of the disease, usually cannot remember from one day to the next and, he recently started asking Linda if she will marry him. Linda was shocked the first time he asked.

Says Linda: “I was totally speechless for a minute, but of course, I just told him, ‘Yes, my darling, I’d be delighted to marry you.”

Linda decided they would renew their vows, but she was sure he would forget about it before it happened. Much to her surprise, however, he woke up that day and was extremely excited about it.

After they were married again, he stunned Linda even more by remembering every one of their days together for a week after the ceremony.

Linda said she was in awe of Michael, adding, “We’ve been though so much and it’s been a heartbreaking journey, but this was so special for both of us.” 

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