Veteran With Dementia Reassured “Your Duty Is Done”.

Speaking of love, one who has fought for country never forgets the love he has for country. 84-year-old Lawrence Silk lives in a care home in Vancouver, but he was certain that his country needed him to go back to Vietnam and continue fighting.

Lawrence, who completed three tours of duty in Nam, suffers from dementia, and his mind would still go back to fighting that battle many times. Then, his son-in-law, posted a plea on Facebook for someone from the military to come and let Lawrence know that his responsibility to his country has been fulfilled.

Soon after that, a recently retired lieutenant colonel showed up at the facility and presented Lawrence with a certificate of appreciation from the U.S. Air Force, along with some special coins from Lawrence’ unit. And he told Lawrence that he had, indeed, fulfilled all of his responsibilities to country, which he loved so much. 

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