Martha Stewart Shares Beautiful Birthday Selfie To Celebrate Turning 81

The world-famous home life celebrity Martha Stewart just celebrated her 81st birthday, although she certainly doesn’t look like it.

She took a selfie on her Instagram account before leaving for her birthday dinner, which shocked followers globally because she doesn’t look her age. Not only that, but she’s looking stunning in general, and her commenters were quick to tell her so!

The lifestyle and design maven Martha Stewart turned 81 on August 3rd, and there’s no doubt she looks amazing for her age!

Obviously, she’s shared several age-defying photos on Instagram previously, but this one marks the start of a new year for her.

It is up near and personal!

The image above shows her laying down and holding her phone high over her face, capturing her signature pursed lips look.

“Birthday selfie [before] to huge birthday dinner -we had a delicious lunch and just a touch too much [Martha’s chard],” the caption says, referring to her wine line, 19 Crimes Martha Stewart Chardonnay.

Fans were naturally overjoyed to see her.

“Martha, you never age!! Have a fantastic birthday!” When they mentioned she doesn’t appear to age, one response echoed all of our feelings.

Another person who commented on her appearance stated, “Beautiful! Congratulations on your birthday!! We all want to know your beauty secrets! You look fantastic.”

Finally, there was a pretty beautiful comment: “[..] I wish you a wonderful birthday in the future! You are deserving of the finest! Thank you for being such an inspirational role model!”

This is just another in a long series of famous Stewart selfies.

Let’s not forget how she stunned the world in 2020 with her ‘thirst trap’ pool selfie, which many still enjoy to this day.

Lets wish she had a wonderful birthday and that she stays healthy in the future!

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