Teen with Special Needs Walks for the First Time after 8 Years in a Wheelchair

After 8 years in a wheelchair, a teen with special needs walks for the first time.

Brandon Neal, an autistic youngster, grinned again when he walked for the first time unassisted after eight years of needing a wheelchair due to a botched operation to address hip dislocation. Here’s the full story.

The internet was ablaze in 2019 after a viral video of an autistic adolescent walking without help for the first time in eight years went viral.

Brandon Neal, a 17-year-old from North Texas, received surgery to correct a malformation in 2011. Neal has been dealing with health issues since he was a youngster.

He developed jaundice and was very underweight when he was six months old. Furthermore, infant Neal was unable to sit up, stand, roll over, or make eye contact.

By the age of five, he had been diagnosed with strabismus, an eye ailment that required five surgeries to rectify. While Neal’s family sought to figure out what was wrong with their kid, they toilet trained him and got him talking in sentences.

Finally, in 2010, a hereditary gene mutation was detected in Neal, and after several x-rays, a specialist revealed that the teenager’s right hip was dislocated.

Brandon First Time Walking in Eight Years

On the first training session, Brandon said, "I want a girlfriend but no one likes me because I can't walk." After eight long years, everyone wondered if Brandon would ever walk independently again. In 2019, his parents were faced with a difficult choice: to buy him a new wheel chair or invest in a service that specializes in working with special needs. They picked working with us and here's the impact their choice had on Brandon, who will no longer need a new wheelchair after eight years of not walking. PS: Brandon's favorite words to hear are "I'm proud of you." Love on him so we can show him how many people believe in him! #specialstrong #specialneeds #autism

Posted by Special Strong on Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Neal had surgery the next year to repair the hip dislocation. Although the operation was successful and there was hope that Neal might be able to walk again, things deteriorated months later.

Neal explained that he desired a relationship but that no one liked him since he couldn’t walk.

Despite the doctor’s assurances, the autistic young guy was still unable to walk, and Neal was forced to use a wheelchair. Eight years after the horrific event, the autistic teenager’s parents were confronted with the decision of purchasing a new wheelchair for their son or putting him in physical therapy to assist him walk again.

The latter alternative was preferable, and Neal was registered with Special Strong. He worked for three months with Daniel Stein from the establishment before the two agreed to test whether the adolescent could walk again.

The touching scene was captured on film by Stein and uploaded on the “Special Strong” official Facebook page. In the video, Neal could be seen stumbling and faltering while Stein cheered and supported his first steps.

Neal may be heard saying, “Are you proud of me?” a few seconds into the video.

Mr. Stein responded positively to the sweet inquiry. “I’m really proud of you, dude!” he answered.

According to the caption, Neal informed Stein that he desired a girlfriend but that no one liked him since he couldn’t walk. Eventually, things turned for the better. Neal was able to return to school and walk without the use of a wheelchair, crutches, or walker.

Neal’s story continues to motivate and inspire many individuals who are going through difficult circumstances. Anyone with a strong will and dedication may attain their goals.

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