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Martin Sheen Made It To 61st Anniversary With Wife Who Slept On Floor In Hospital To Be Beside Him.

Martin Sheen has been in love with his one and only wife, Janet Templeton, since they met in the 1990s. In exchange, Templeton saved the life of her spouse of six decades.

On December 23, 2022, the couple will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary. Sheen recalled meeting Templeton for the first time in front of his son Ramon Estevez and the wider audience.

He was lucky and wise enough to fall for her, Sheen stated, adding that this was due to he immediately realized Templeton was a true person who would not tolerate lying.

He realized he had to up the stakes after he started wooing her and felt she’d be more enchanted if she saw him onscreen, and it worked. The pair began living together soon after and married in 1961.

Sheen, on the other hand, said that he was still playing at the time and that it took him two decades to grasp what he had with Templeton.

It took him almost 20 years to understand he was living an untrustworthy life and that she was his hero. She felt liberated, and he thought to himself, he wants to be like that.

She’s the finest human being he has ever known in his life, and he is always inspired by her, the “Grace and Frankie” alum said of his wife.

Templeton, like her husband, has acting credentials to her name. In 1983, she played Elaine de Kooning in the “Kennedy” miniseries. Several years later, the Ohio native produced “Beverly Hills Brats” in 1989 and was the executive producer of “The Way,” a drama film in which Sheen appeared, in 2010.

The movie was “written and directed” by the couple’s oldest kid, Emilio Estevez, who also featured in the production, according to the delighted father.

Sheen and his children’s mother have gone through a lot together. He had a health scare in January 1976 as a result of job demands, and she stood at his side.

Sheen was keen to star in a Francis Coppola picture, “Apocalypse Now,” and confessed that his “ego” motivated him to see it through. But, he and the filmmaker were continually at disagreement about how the character should be portrayed.

As a result, Sheen grew unwell and lost weight. According to one crew member, Coppola had an unusual manner of communicating with actors on set: “He would tell Martin, ‘You’re evil. I want all the evil, the violence, the hatred in you to come out.’ Francis did a dangerous and terrible thing.”

According to the source, the filmmaker operated like a “psychiatrist” and indoctrinated Sheen, who was “extremely sensitive” in this situation.

He put Martin somewhere and didn’t bring him back, the person stated.

Coppola did nasty things to Sheen in order to stir him up for the film, such as forcing him to drink in order to get into character and locking him up for two days. That type of treatment wore on the “West Wing” star.

Sheen experienced a heart attack one evening while alone and crawled to the side of the road. Luckily, he was able to board a bus and afterwards a wardrobe van that took him to the production office.

When he arrived, he was treated by a doctor, and he requested to see a priest, who performed the “final rites.” They took him to the hospital, but getting there was difficult as they were in a secluded place.

The iconic Hollywood star experienced a mental breakdown and fell into cardiac arrest, and all he desired was to see his wife at his side. As a result, he was admitted to the intensive care unit.

In November 2016, he recalls Templeton sprinting “down the corridor” to reach him. As he was taken into the room, she pleaded desperately that it’s only a film, darling. Please, it’s only a film.

Templeton recommended her husband attend a therapist, which he did, and he saw the expert on a daily basis until he healed.

Interestingly, that was not the only time the actress supported him through difficult times. Sheen underwent quadruple-bypass heart surgery in December 2015. Templeton assisted him once more in his recuperation.

She was with him the entire time, and despite the fact that it was a terrifying circumstance, she managed it like a pro, according to Sheen. He told Templeton, making sure he laughed most of the while, and telling him to loosen up a little.

In November 2016, the couple celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. Sheen confessed that he and his wife never make a big deal out of the occasion. They do it, though, exclusively for their kids and grandkids. Furthermore, Sheen explained how he and Templeton accept their love saying that with this dame, every day is a party.

When Templeton and Sheen celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 2021, their son Emilio and his fiancée, Jacquie, planned to host a modest “private restaurant” for them inside their house, near the fireplace.

They dressed up as chefs and gave the elderly couple a five-course feast for the evening. Emilio stated that the “charade” was so amusing that he and his partner couldn’t stop laughing.

Sheen and Templeton had 4 kids during their long and happy marriage. They were the parents of three sons and one girl. Their first child, Emilio, was born in May 1962, and their second child, Ramon Estevez, was born a year later in August 1963.

Charlie Sheen, Templeton and Sheen’s third son, was born in September 1965, and Renee Estevez, their youngest child, was born in April 1967.

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