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Mom who gave each of her kids 85 gifts last Xmas plans to give them more this year.

Emma Tapping captured the attention of parents all around the world last Christmas. The 36-year-old mother of three lavished her kids with gifts, and she shared a photo of them all on her Facebook page. And the gifts were piled so high that it was difficult to see the Christmas tree.

Emma has even bigger plans for this year.

She supposed they had approximately 85 gifts apiece last year. They’ve received approximately 96 each this year, so they’ve got a few more, she stated.

Parents are both intrigued and outraged by Emma’s extravagant Christmas presents. Some think she spoils her kids, although Emma strongly denies this.

Emma became so stressed as a result of the internet uproar that she fainted and had to be hospitalized last Christmas Eve. Despite this, Emma is purchasing even more gifts for her kids this year, and she’s also appearing in a Channel 5 program called “Xmas Excess: Parents Splash The Cash.”

She has gone from being a typical parent to being in the papers, being spoken about, being on TV. If someone ask her if she pamper her children, she would answer yes during Christmas, but not throughout the year. Kids get their needs, their school clothes, and the stuff they need, but they don’t go on vacations overseas, and they don’t go on great shopping sprees—they get anything they want for Christmas, Emma explained.

The only issue the kids have with getting gifts is that they don’t have enough time to unwrap them all. Ella, Emma’s kid, still has an unopened Christmas present from last year in her room.

Watch Emma’s interview below.

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