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Medic Parks Nearby As Baby Dies And Refuses To Save Her, Claims She Was ‘Justified’

Ann Marie Thomas, a seasoned EMT with the Detroit Fire Department, was sent to a residence when the mom of a kid called 911 in a panic after the newborn stopped breathing. While waiting for emergency responders, the mother started doing CPR on her child. The infant died later at the hospital when an ambulance arrived at the house to execute the job Thomas had assured dispatchers she would never do.

Thomas, who was near by after a prior incident, declined to come to the scene, much to the surprise and disgust of the neighborhood. When the call came in, EMT Thomas’ rapid response SUV was just 0.9 miles away, equipped to look exactly like an ambulance to enable medics to get to victims quicker. It was merely a two-minute trip at normal rates, but the first responder took an astounding six minutes to get near the residence when every second counted. But things get worse.

Thomas did not enter the house to provide the baby with the life-saving care she required. Rather, she parked her vehicle on a street corner away from the event. According to Thomas, 33 is in position on Pembroke, around the corner from the scene. She then informed her employer that she was not about to be on the scene for 10 minutes doing CPR; one knows how these families get. Thomas refused to do her work because she didn’t want to administer CPR to a kid for an extended period of time while coping with an upset family and a distressed newborn.

Her supervisor, obviously, did not accept Thomas’ denial or her rationale. Thomas, the call’s lead paramedic, was told to establish contact with the patient and go to the residence. But, as the child died, the hapless supervisor was compelled to converse with Thomas over the radio, virtually begging the lady to perform her duty while she refused.

Dispatch kept Thomas informed, but the gravity of the situation didn’t seem to matter. The infant is unconscious. Because the baby was premature, he was hooked up to an oxygen machine, as stated by dispatch in a message. Please be warned that CPR is being administered on the scene. The baby’s mother is doing CPR. Thomas refused to budge. An ambulance came after 19 minutes and took the youngster to the hospital, but it was too late.

The next morning, the newborn, eventually named I’Nayah Wright-Trussell, died. The death of I’Nayah Wright-Trussel was judged a homicide by the Wayne County Medical Examiner. According to a follow-up, the cause of death was ruled to be suffocation after many rib fractures were detected in different stages of healing, as well as bruising on the child’s intestines, liver, spleen, and both lungs. But it would be years before any kind of justice was administered.

Despite her denials, the infant’s mom, Janee Wright-Trussell, 26, was charged with first-degree murder, felony murder, and three counts of first-degree child abuse in the kid’s death. She pled guilty to voluntary homicide and first-degree child abuse as part of a plea bargain and was sentenced to 8 to 15 years in prison. However, many people believed Ann Marie Thomas had a role in the child’s death and should be held accountable.

Despite the fact that Thomas was promptly removed from duty, losing her employment did not appear to be enough after what she had done. Those who wished to see her face charges finally got their wish, although her punishment was meager, to say the least. Thomas was found guilty of intentional negligence of duty for neglecting to offer help, a misdemeanor felony. She risked up to a year in prison but was only sentenced to three months. And it doesn’t seem like she learned anything.

When this all started, she thought this would be her chance to get the truth out and have her voice heard, as Thomas stated in court. She understands she didn’t do anything wrong and did her job as she was trained, she stated angrily, adding that what is heard on the audio is not at all what happened. According to Thomas, she never received new information, but the audio shows that four commands were repeated over the course of 13 minutes, making it difficult to think she didn’t hear any of them.

“How these families get” is no excuse for not doing your job, particularly when it involves saving lives. In reality, it seems to be prejudice. This young child was trapped in awful misery, and this lady had the power to save her. She let her die rather since she didn’t want to cope with any “difficulties.” If Ann Marie Thomas ever needs assistance, she should be treated with the same respect she showed to I’Nayah Wright-Trussel. Then she could realize what she had done wrong. Cowards should not seek occupations in which their performance is critical to the lives of others who rely on them.

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