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Betty White’s home where she passed away was sold – what they did to it is heartbreaking.

Betty White was a prominent Hollywood actress. She has a seven-decade profession and is considered to be one of the most famous to date!

The actress never had biological kids and is not survived by a partner, thus, her inheritance has no clear beneficiaries. Her pets are said to have had a piece as well!

Aside from that, she had three stepchildren from her marriage to Allen Ludden; however, it is unclear whether they received anything from Betty’s legacy.

Among the worldly goods left behind by the actress are her lovely properties. In the most recent development, the late actress’ Los Angeles house, which she had lived in for the previous 50 years, has been put up for sale.

Betty White and her husband, Allen Ludden, acquired the property in 1968, and it has not been on the market since.

The house is offered on Sotheby’s website, and the agents describe it in great detail. The house has five bedrooms and six baths. The house was 3,029 square feet and was on 0.72 acres of land. The mansion was built in 1952 and was situated in Brentwood Park’s lovely neighborhood.

The Getty Museum and the Alps could be seen from the property. It also has a large garden that has been well maintained! According to the realtor’s website, only eligible interested parties would be granted a tour, and only of the grounds, not the insides. According to the description, the home is being sold for its land value.

The actress’ seaside house in Carmel, California, will be up for sale in March 2022. The property was finished in 1981, three years after White and her husband acquired it in 1978.

Last year, on New Year’s Eve, the popular performer died, just a few weeks short of turning 100. Her death was followed by several monuments in her honor.

This is why it may be difficult for some to accept that the late actress’s meticulously preserved house has suddenly been demolished.

The home is now demolished. Aerial imagery of the location captured reveals a mound of dirt where the actress’ mansion formerly stood.

It’s devastating to think that the actress’s house has been damaged. She spent her dying moments at that house, which most likely held many wonderful memories for her and the people she cared about.

Last June, the property sold for roughly $10.7 million. Because the property was designated as a tear-down, it was anticipated to be demolished so that something new might be developed.

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