Teen Girl Suspended After Giving Painfully Blunt Answers On Sex-Ed Homework.

Jordan Fridman, a 21-year-old lady from Montreal, was quite pleased with her younger sister Mariah’s performance on a certain task. Jordan, feeling pleased with the youngster, submitted a snapshot of Mariah’s homework on Imgur, under the Imgur account “dogsandcatsandlemursohmy,” where it immediately went viral, getting millions of views and earning headlines.

On this day two years ago, her then-14-year-old sister was suspended for submitting these answers for her sex-ed class. She is so proud of her, Jordan Fridman captioned the photo. She wasn’t alone. Despite the fact that Mariah’s replies used foul language, she quickly started garnering praise for her stark honesty. It appeared in her Timehop. This was amusing, she thought. Let’s post this to Imgur, Fridman said, explaining why she did so. Not everybody, though, considered it hilarious.

Students were instructed on the paper to read through “partner objections” to condom usage during intercourse. Following that, students were to examine various replies to the excuses mentioned in the document. They were then instructed to record the letter (or letters) of any suitable responses to these objections on the line beside each objection.

They were also told to list a few objections and/or responses for somebody who intended to have sex but didn’t want to wear a condom if time allowed. And here is where Maria’s imagination got her into trouble. While her colorful language seemed to breach the line, it was clear that the youngster was well aware of the consequences of unprotected sex.

“I don’t want AIDS,” a 14-year-old Mariah said to the initial argument, “Don’t worry; I’m on the pill.” As readers will discover as they continue reading, that response was rather moderate. “I’m clean; I don’t run around, and I don’t have any infections,” the second justification said. “Go f— yourself,” the adolescent said.

“Condoms are uncomfortable.” Another complaint stated, “It won’t be natural.” “Being pregnant doesn’t feel good either,” Mariah said. When the fourth justification stated that the mood would be lost when putting on a condom, Mariah reminded everyone that if you don’t, “you get a little baby and AIDS!”

“I’d be embarrassed to use one,” said another anti-condom rationale. Mariah used foul words once again. “Look at all the f—s I give!” cried her. “Condoms are gross; they’re messy; I hate them,” read the sixth sample. “So are babies,” the adolescent joked.

“Just this once; we hardly ever have sex,” says another issue. “Now you know why,” said the girl. “I don’t have a condom with me,” one person objected. “I don’t have my vagina with me,” the sarcastic adolescent wrote. Finally, the publication said that condoms “cost too much,” to which the adolescent correctly responded, “STD treatments and babies cost more.”

Two years ago today, my then 14 year old sister got suspended for submitting these answers for her sex-ed class. I'm so proud of

Cosmo praised Mariah’s responses, saying not only should she not have been suspended for that, but she should’ve been given a medal. However, several believed that her suspension was well-deserved, according to the profanity she used. Obviously, it isn’t the only controversy the viral assignment has sparked. It also highlighted the issue of whether the queries were acceptable in the first place.

The teaching of sex education to students in public schools is a contentious subject. Individuals are split on the matter, however, and many parents believe that dealing with such delicate problems should be solely their duty. No matter your position, Mariah’s responses indicate that she fully understands the significance of safe sex and why protection is essential. Although most people would agree that 14 is much too young to be sexually active, the fact that the issue has to be introduced at such a young age demonstrates the society in which our children are growing up. Temptation may affect our youth, leading them to do things they should not. So, instead of being clueless and ending up in even more difficulty, it’s best they understand the potential implications.

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