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Woman Finds Her Dog Covered In Odd Marks, Rushes To Vet For Answers.

Hayden Howard of Seymour, Indiana, is the delighted owner of Jackson, a 100-pound English Mastiff puppy. She adores her large dog, but one day she saw something wasn’t quite right with him. While running her hands over his thick fur, she sensed something was off. She felt strange markings and lumps on the animal’s skin under all that fur.

Hayden first assumed the unusual markings on Jackson’s torso were mosquito bites. When she looked closer, she saw it was something much worse. Hayden was shocked to learn that Jackson didn’t have raised bumps but rather genuine holes in his skin—and plenty of them. She brought her beloved pet to the veterinarian, confused, but nothing could have prepared her for what she found.

Hayden was surprised to learn that it wasn’t insect bites at all, and that there was a far greater issue at hand. There were holes in Jackson’s body, and the reason was horrifying. Jackson has been shot many times. As the vet began shaving the dog to access the wounds, 20 pellets and 7 BBs were extracted from Jackson’s body. Furthermore, the staff assessed that at least another 20 pellets and BBs were stuck in his body that they were unable to extract, but things get worse.

Another 20 bullets were believed to have impacted the dog and bounced off, according to the vet. Jackson was shot more than 60 times. She was in shock and didn’t even know what to think, Hayden remembered. The callous act of brutality towards the animal left Hayden speechless. The police were summoned, and they were astounded to witness what had happened to Jackson.

“I’ve never seen an animal shot so many times in my life.” It’s a terrible situation, and it’s heartbreaking to see,” Seymour Police Department Assistant Chief Craig Hayes said. This would not be the only amazing find they made while researching the case. Officers discovered BBs trapped in a tree and tracked the direction of fire while at Hayden’s residence. This prompted them to secure a search warrant for Tim Woodward’s 44-year-old residence next door.

In addition to a BB gun and pellets, authorities discovered methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia inside Woodward’s residence. Tim Woodward was arrested on drug charges as police awaited test results to prove that the rifle and pellets used to inflict Jackson’s injuries were the same so that they could construct an animal cruelty case against him. He may have been under the influence of narcotics when he chose to use Jackson for target practice, according to police.

Jackson, on the other hand, was anticipated to make a complete recovery. However, this narrative may have ended far more tragically. It’s horrible enough as it is, but make no mistake: Jackson is one fortunate puppy.

Although BB and pellet guns are sometimes referred to as “toys” or “fakes” by certain news sites, they are actual firearms that may inflict serious harm. While BB and pellet guns are seldom fatal against people or other big animals, they may be.

According to a CPSC Safety Alert, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has reports of approximately four deaths per year caused by BB guns or pellet rifles. If you are struck in the eye or skull, your chances of dying rise.

This pistol was directed at an animal and fired around 60 times, endangering Jackson’s life. When a crime is committed using a BB or pellet gun, it should be treated as such. It’s a real gun, and criminals who use it against innocent people should face the consequences.

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