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Meet Sophia Hadjipanteli, the natural rocking model who doesn’t let a razor or tweezers touch her face

Sophia’s activism and attitude are based on her conviction that she should be able to convey her inherent beauty.

The stunning actress has mentioned her mom as an influence for her own self-esteem, stating that her mom taught her much of what she knows. She is the one who, according to the model, welcomed Sophia at all phases of her life while motivating her to think imaginatively.

Sophia’s mom also assisted her in becoming content in her own skin, teaching her that she could be glad with being different from others. The model has definitely taken these teachings to heart, adding originality and individuality into her work.

Sophia has not found acceptance in every circle, despite her confidence. She wasn’t always greeted well in high school, and she’s faced a lot of backlash online for being different. Nevertheless, the cruel remarks had little effect on her independence or confidence.

If anything, the hatred spurred her desire to recognize her own individuality. In the press, she frequently emphasizes her self-acceptance, like when she stated, it’s very pleasant to know that that enormous unibrow is on the cover of Glamour UK, and it looks wonderful.

Sophia continued that if she wants to be out there and very creative and be herself, she gets to wear anything she wants, and she gets to appreciate the unibrow and if she doesn’t, she can easily tone it down. But it’s always her decision and she believes that’s why so many individuals follow her: This is just her, and she is not really swayed by what everyone else tells her to do.

Her optimism and advocacy have spread beyond herself. Sophia started the Unibrow Movement, where Instagram users may find limitless photographs of individuals that look just like them under the same hashtag.

It’s a process, she admits. It is very normal for not all to feel 100% every day. But it all starts within! One may be the most ‘perfect’ individual on the planet, but if one doesn’t see it with one’s own eyes, one’ll never love oneself. Building that relationship with oneself takes time, but once done, everything feels so much better. You feel liberated.

Sophia admitted on Instagram that she dreaded receiving lip fillers, which she has now discontinued. It was awkward for her to acknowledge it, but she needed to be honest about her “error.” She didn’t require them, but she was curious, she adds.

We could all learn from Sophia how to convey optimism and self-acceptance!

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