Robbers Break Into Home, Shoot Grandmother — 12-Year-Old Grandson Brings The Pain

It’s impossible to picture someone being so innocuous as to employ violence against the weak and aged. This was the case with two armed burglars who stormed into the house of Linda Ellis, 73, of North Carolina. Surprisingly, a hero emerged from the most unexpected of choices.

Goldsboro police responded to a complaint about a gunshot on William Street at 1 a.m. Ellis, a much-loved grandma, owned the house. Officers arrived on the spot and located Ellis with a gunshot wound. Her situation, though, may have been considerably worse if it hadn’t been for her young grandson.

After Ellis’ son opened the door and was shoved to the ground, the armed robbers compelled their way into the house. Ellis was then challenged by the guys, who ordered that she hand up her money. One of the invaders shot the old woman in the leg despite her helplessness.

The woman’s 12-year-old grandson chose to intervene after his grandma was gravely hurt and his great-uncle was helpless. According to police, the child grabbed a weapon, pointed it at one of the thieves, and shot. The bullet struck the accused, 19-year-old Khalil Herring, who died as a result of his wounds.

Goldsboro cops verified that the 12-year-old child shot the pistol, however said they did not expect charges to be filed against him because the inquiry was still ongoing.

Ellis’ son and the boy’s great-uncle, Randolph Bunn, indicated that the boy’s fast thought and bravery certainly saved the lives of all three inhabitants.

Linda Ellis’s great-niece, Chiquita Coley, told reporters that she couldn’t imagine somebody could do such a thing to her great-aunt. She said that everybody in the neighborhood recognizes and admires Ellis, making it even harder to comprehend how the men could commit such atrocities.

Linda Ellis was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for a gunshot wound to her leg. She was able to fully heal.

Family members stated that the grandma and the kid are keeping it together during their rehabilitation. Yet, even if it was a heroic act of self-defense, the youngster would almost certainly require assistance in overcoming the psychological ramifications of taking a life.

With one accused still on the run while the inquiry continued, the family acknowledged staying scared until he was apprehended. Fortunately, they have reared a young guy who is not hesitant to use whatever measures required to protect his loved ones.

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