Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring Has Thorns: “If She Tries To Take It Off, It Hurts.”

Love is one of the purest and beautiful emotions in the world. Every love story is different and unique. Each one expresses their love for their partner in their own way just like this couple who are in love.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, the most eccentric pair, have announced their engagement. They announced their engagement on Instagram with a well-crafted video taken from multiple viewpoints.

Megan also flaunted a stunning diamond in her engagement announcement, as well as claiming a blood union. Their ring is exceptionally beautiful and incorporates both of their birthstones. Now, the actress is disclosing private details about her ring, which is strange and unnerving.

The following was printed on her engagement announcement: “We sat beneath this banyan tree in July of 2020. We requested the use of magic. We had no idea how much suffering we’d be in together in such a short, frantic amount of time.”

Fox went on to say, “We were unaware of the labour and sacrifices that the relationship would entail, but we were intoxicated by the love. And then there’s the karma. He asked me to marry him a year and a half later, after we had travelled through hell together and laughed more than I ever believed possible.”

“And just as in every incarnation before this one, and just as in every lifetime that will follow it, I replied yes,” she stated in response to the astounding proposal.”…and then we drank each other’s blood,” she continued with a humor.

Gun-machine Kelly also announced the wonderful news on social media, giving fans more details about Megan’s double-stone ring.

“The emerald (her birthstone) and diamond (mine) placed on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two sides of the same soul creating the enigmatic heart that is our love,” he said. Kelly provided some technical facts regarding the unusual ring.

“It’s a Colombian emerald thoroughbred with no treatment,” he continued. He went on to say, “It was cut directly out of the mine into the teardrop. And the gem came from Stephen himself.”

Stephen Webster is a jewellery designer that works with all of Hollywood’s A-listers. He went on to describe the ring’s design in detail “A magnet holds it together after it’s put together. Then it forms an enigmatic heart. And what do you think about this? The thorns in the bands are genuine thorns.”

“So, if she attempts to take it off, it hurts,” he said, revealing the most disturbing aspect of the ring. He went on to say that “love is suffering.” When this information was revealed, the internet went berserk, with individuals expressing that the ring is “a genuine red flag.”

According to another Twitter user, “I can’t imagine picking a man who wants to see me in agony and is ready to cause it. Imagine having this much money and not going to treatment.”

May these quirky love birds always be happy together.

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