Woman Gets Shamed For Breastfeeding In Public, Doesn’t Cover Up And Continues To Feed Like A Boss

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful times to bond for a mother with their child. Breast milk is one of the best gifts given to a child by his/her mother. It’s the most important nourishment for a child. However many are not comfortable seeing a mother breastfeed her child. Here a mother shared her story of what she experienced while she breastfed her child. Read and let us know what your opinion is.

Although breastfeeding is a legal right in the U.S. some people still ridicule breastfeeding mothers for not covering up when they are breastfeeding. Ashley Kaidel is one of several mothers who has received backlash for nursing her child in public. Her kid began to exhibit indications of hunger while she was eating at a restaurant. As a result, Ashley, like any other mother, began to nurse her child.

One of the women at the table didn’t appreciate what Ashley was doing and started giving her disgusted glances. Ashley was not going down without a fight. She opted to continue feeding her child while simultaneously confronting the intruder. She initially paid respect to “the woman who attempted nursing exposed once and got embarrassed, she got glared and pointed at, she got ugly remarks, she got asked to leave the room, she got asked to cover up” in a Facebook post on the event.

She went on to explain her own situation, saying, “I shared this image of my son and me nursing in a public café.” I look to be staring out into the horizon in the photo. In fact, I’m looking into the eyes of a lady who is looking right back at me. She’s gazing at me with contempt and shaking her head with disapproval as if she’s trying to embarrass me and tell me without saying anything that I’m wrong and need to cover myself.

The irritated mother went on to explain several reasons why women should be able to breastfeed in public without fear of being judged.

She stated, “First and foremost, breast-feeding moms are protected by law to breast-feed in any form, any method, and any place they are permitted to be in all other circumstances.”

Second, you should never feel ashamed, belittled, humiliated, or guilty for feeding your kid according to nature’s design. “It is tremendously cruel and selfish to urge a woman and her kid to withdraw from a table, event, or gathering because you are unhappy with how she feeds her child,” she adds. “Our children need to observe nursing for the same reason you do. They must recognise, understand, and respect that breast milk and breastfeeding is and will always be the greatest option for both mom and baby. The use of formula and bottles is becoming more popular. Breastfeeding isn’t one of them.”

A large number of people came out in support of the brave mother. According to a user, “Everyone else in that room is eating! Why can’t your child do it?”

Another person said, “It’s astonishing how a photograph of a mom and her infant can be so distressing and draw so much hate. I generally have time to think about a lovely setting, a beautiful mother, a beautiful breast and a beautiful baby when I observe a woman breastfeeding. Then I think to myself- Look away and let them enjoy themselves. Why is it so difficult for certain people to do this?”

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