Woman Went To Buy A Fridge From A Guy She Met On Facebook Marketplace Never To Return Home.

Meeting an unknown person is something one should avoid. If it is unavoidable then meet the person in a public place or meet in a group, never ever alone. Here is a sad story of a woman whose life ended tragically.

Denise Williams, 54, from Pennsylvania was stabbed to death by Joshua Gorgone, 26, whom she found online through the Facebook Marketplace. From Joshua she was trying to buy a refrigerator with the idea of gifting it to her boyfriend. However a devastating tragedy took place.

Police were informed by Denise’s relatives that she had been missing and had gone to the seller’s apartment to inspect the appliance. Through Denise’s movement using data from her phone the authorities were able to trace her. The relatives also shared messages from the victim’s Facebook account that led them to Joshua.

Denise’s body was discovered with multiple stab wounds in Joshua’s apartment located at 206 Old Scalp Ave. The increased blood loss by the inflicted stab wounds caused Denise’s death which was shown in the postmortem.

The officers claimed that Denise showed defensive wounds. According to Cambria County Coroner Jeff Less ,”She did put up one heck of a fight. This was a violent death that she sustained.”

Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer stated, “She went there to look at a fridge and never came out, unfortunately.”

Joshua accepted stabbing Williams with a kitchen knife after an argument over his price quoted. Joshua, who was charged with criminal homicide, was being held without bail at the Cambria County Prison.

At the same time this circumstance has encouraged the officers to issue a warning to online purchases from strangers. The District Attorney explained to be careful while dealing with anybody or anything through the internet. He has advised not to go alone or not invite anybody to the house alone to look at something. If possible, always try to take someone along and meet in a public place or during day times or in a well-lit place.

In the community the killing has sent shockwaves.

In Chief Zakucia’s words, “When you lose someone like this or have incidents of this nature, it’s a shock to us all. The residents of Geistown are safe. This was unfortunate, it was a tough scene. It was a tough call for myself and my officers.”

The importance of being careful while meeting strangers was also repeated by him too.

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