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Megyn Kelly Weeps Over Her Loving Sister Suzzane Crossley’s Death | “Hug the People You Love”

Celebrated American journalist Megyn Kelly said that her sister Suzanne Crossley died suddenly following a heart attack this past weekend. Kelly said something incredibly awful happened in her family over the weekend, Kelly, 51, revealed on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show. Her sister died on Friday, she was 58 years old, her name was Suzanne Crosley, and she died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

She also mentioned that her sister had been struggling for a few years. She hadn’t been in great shape for the last few years. It’s just one difficulty after another. It was unforeseen and unanticipated. After the concert, she went up with her mother, her brother Paul, and her nephew Brian, one of her three children.

Kelly felt tearful and stated, her poor mom, as many parents and dads know, this is not the sequence in which things are intended to occur.

Megyn Kelly Reveals Her Sister Died Over the Weekend, and the Need to Focus on What Matters

“It was sudden and it was unexpected…” The sad news this weekend – and the need to focus on what matters. WATCH:

Posted by Megyn Kelly on Monday, 24 October 2022

Crossley was born in Nyack and grew up in Syracuse and Albany, according to her obituary; the family stayed in the Jamesville-DeWitt school district until moving to the Capital Region when Kelly was 9 and Crossley would have been 16. Kelly graduated from Syracuse University and Albany Law School, while Crossley attended SUNY Oneonta.

Family was the focus of Suzanne’s existence, and she was appreciated for her compassionate, funny, and smart connections with everybody she loved, according to her obituary. She was incredibly creative and liked arts and crafts as well as family games. She was a ferocious gin rummy player who kept an eye out for anyone attempting to palm the double five in Dominos. She enjoyed making fun of herself and instilled in her kids the importance of laughing no matter what life threw at them.

Suzanne is survived by her three children, Christopher Crossley, Brian Crossley, and Emily Crossley; her mom, Linda Kelly; her brother, Peter Kelly; her sister, Megyn Kelly; and her brother, Paul Kirwan; and her adored grandson, Brom Crossley. Suzanne was predeceased by her favorite grandmother, Frances DeMaio, in addition to her dad, Edward F. Kelly.

Kelly said that she isn’t “very great” at texting or answering phone calls, however her sister’s death acted as a wake-up call. She also emphasizes how her “career” is what keeps her afloat in these tough times, and how working in this position is “therapeutic.” It’s simply a reminder to embrace the ones you love, how short and precious life is, and how vital it is to be close to the individuals you love, Kelly explained. They can’t all be perfect on that front, however they can all make a small effort every day to send a text or return a phone call.

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