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She is a mother of 11 children by eight fathers; many are appalled by her life, yet she doesn’t care.

There has always been a shame attached to women who are mothers to children with several dads, and they are sometimes condemned by others.

Phi, from Memphis, Tennessee, is one of them, having given birth to 11 kids by eight different men.

The tattoo enthusiast, who has over 90k TikTok followers, routinely broadcasts heartwarming and hilarious videos of herself having fun with her growing family.

However, having a bigger amount of kids has come at a hefty cost, as men often criticize the mother and declare they would never marry her.

Phi revealed what it’s like to be a mom to 11 kids and said there are some things she’s tired of explaining over and over.

One of them, she explained in a video on the app, is the reason she has “eight baby dads.”

And, as per her, it’s as easy as numbers.

Please allow her to explain. If one starts with one and subtracts one then one would end up with zero.

However, if one has eight and subtracts three, one still have five.

@phieudoraa #answer to @kalasoo like duhhhh yall gotta do the math… #babydaddyproblems #babymamachallenge #babymamatiktok ♬ original sound – PhiPhi🍭

For those who are still confused, Phi elaborated: If she just had one baby daddy and he left or died, her kids would be fatherless, however if she had eight and three leave or die, her kids still have five dads….Like duh one gotta do the math, she giggled in the video commentary.

In response to perplexed viewers, Phi joked that she had no plans to stop having kids anytime soon and that she will not be satisfied with just 11 offspring.

@phieudoraa Replying to @paulahanleylara ♬ original sound – PhiPhi🍭

When it comes to selecting the best competitors for possible fathers-to-be, the mother employs a variety of methods, including Craigslist.

However, that’s a little worn out now, so she typically simply post on Marketplace or if she sees an empty billboard, she’ll put an ad up there.

Some trolls have even accused Phi of being pregnant just to receive government subsidies, however as the mother demonstrated in a video, this is not the case.

Zooming in on child support paperwork, Phi revealed that the state only pays her $10 (just over £8) every four weeks.

One is really making it look like a crime, the mother said in response to the nasty trolls who felt having eight baby fathers should be criminal.

Luckily, Phi has a devoted following, with one admirer commenting, “My mother got 9.” We just stated that she was in love 9 times.”

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