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Since ‘ugly people get nowhere,’ the mother wants her 14-year-old daughter to have cosmetic surgery.

Carla Bellucci, a mom of three from the United Kingdom, is very worried about her beauty.

She loves to go under the knife to gain better gigs as a glamour model, in addition to her customary Botox and Hyaluron injections.

What you do to your own body to make yourself feel better is one thing.

But now she desires the entire beauty package for her 14-year-old daughter Tanisha, which has sparked a heated debate throughout the world.

Carla spends around $240 each month on Tanisha’s beauty maintenance.

Tanisha’s treatments are now limited to nail modeling, hair extensions, and eyebrow tinting because she is just 14 years old.

But if it were up to her mom, the girl would already have many cosmetic procedures under her belt.

Thankfully, cosmetic surgery on kids is illegal in the United Kingdom. Such ‘treatments’ are only available in the UK from the age of 16.

This hasn’t stopped Carla, 37, from accumulating money for her daughter’s planned activities.

The single mom, who lives in north London, claims to save $150 every month.

Tanisha isn’t the most scholarly of girls, so she doesn’t really worry about her schooling, Carla explained.

She will be required to depend on her appearances to advance in life, thus she must be flawless. Ugly individuals nowadays get nowhere.

In an interview, the mother of three also disclosed the location she would want to have established for her daughter.

At the moment, she is obsessed with the Kardashian style, complete with huge buttocks, boobs, and pouty lips. She’ll have fillers when she’s 16, which the mom completely supports, Carla explains.

Tanisha’s bottom is “extremely flat,” as per her mother, and has to be “improved.”

If she aspires to be a popular influencer and reality star, she’ll have to suit the appearance of the period, which means surgery. She’s attractive, yet surgery will make her much more so.

Tanisha’s mother has many surgeries scheduled for her when she reaches 18.

Carla is urging her daughter to have the very controversial Brazilian bum-lift, which consists of fat grafting and is known for its natural-looking results, in addition to breast implants and dental veneers.

However, what appears to be innocuous at first glance is connected with considerable hazards. Because there is a chance of mistakenly injecting body fat into a vein, this is one of the most risky plastic operations available.

With multiple cases of patient fatalities as a result of BBL, many consider it to be the most hazardous cosmetic operation.

Tanisha stated that she understands what she wants, and she’ll find the best way to achieve it. She is not concerned about surgery. Her mom has got it and is well.

Tanisha, who is still so young, can only wish that she discovers that it’s not all about appearances.

True beauty emanates from inside. What about developing self-esteem and confidence? Combine this with schooling in the subject she is interested in.

Instill in your kids that beauty comes from inside. It is the nature of your heart and how you treat people that matters, not your physical appearance.

This lady has no right to be termed a mother…

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