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Men Brutally Attack Cop — Patrol Car Door Opens, Fur Missile Launches

Deputy Todd Frazier of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office was driving along a desolate road during his night shift when he came upon a vehicle stopped near a rest stop in Pearlington, Mississippi. When Frazier noticed a guy alone inside a parked car on a forested road with the lights turned off, he chose to pull over to make sure the driver didn’t require assistance.

As Frazier approached the automobile alone, he heard some rustling in the neighboring woods, but it was too late by the time he recognized what was going on. Before he realized what struck him, the cop was being attacked by three guys: the one in the car and two men who had emerged from the trees to ambush him.

As he was backing away from the truck, the officer stumbled and fell to the ground, Glenn Grannan, Chief Investigator for the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, revealed. At that point, all three male subjects, such as the driver, attacked him, sliced his forehead with a sharp weapon, and dragged him into the woods.

After being abruptly jumped, Frazier was outnumbered and didn’t have a chance. They told him they were going to slice his neck and dragged him into the woods, Chief Deputy Don Bass recounted. The men were plainly up to no good and outraged at the prospect of an approaching police, so Frazier was virtually easy pickings for them.

What they didn’t realize was going to cost them when one oversight came back to bite them – physically. Frazier appeared to be utterly alone in a lonely area. His loyal K-9, Lucas, was in his patrol vehicle. The well-trained black Belgian Malinois merely required a way out, and these thugs had no idea Frazier was driving one of only two K-9 units outfitted with a “pop mechanism.”

The patrol vehicle was remotely unlocked at the press of a button. Fortunately, Frazier was able to press the button amid the melee, freeing Lucas. The courageous K-9 cop sprung into action as the patrol door opened, determined to save his comrade. The tables had been reversed, and before the thugs could react, they were hit by a fur rocket, who was not thrilled to see his handler struggling for his life.

They don’t know how many he received; all they understand is he was covered in blood, Sheriff Ricky Adam said of the aftermath. What is clear is that Lucas not only protected Frazier, but also very likely saved his life. But since the assailants escaped, they were not all in one piece, but Frazier was, due to Lucas.

Cops are hunting for three black guys who left in a dark blue or purple 2000 or newer Lincoln Town Car with a darker colored vinyl top. Based on the sheriff, the agency is relying on the public to come forward with any details that will assist arrest the criminals. Anyone who sees a vehicle matching that description is asked to contact local law enforcement.

Despite the fact that he is likely to heal fully, the struggle for Frazier’s life left Lucas with a ruptured ligament, broken teeth, and road rash, demonstrating how courageous the dog was in his bid to rescue his companion. The episode, on the other hand, has left the department understandably frightened, considering what could have transpired.

Unfortunately, gangs have launched an attack on law enforcement after issuing a “shoot on site” or SOS command on innocent officers who are simply trying to perform their job. As per local gang information, these gang members are pursuing law enforcement officers with the intent of killing them.

Deputy Bass explained that it hits them hard, it knocks them down. They’re not a big agency, and these men all have families. The most important thing for everybody is to get home safely. They wish one to go home at night, but anything may happen to any of them, he warned. The threat has arrived, and the potential exists.

That frightening sensation is the cold hard reality of a day in the life for law enforcement officers around the country. Every day, the courageous men and women charged with guarding and serving their communities risk their lives because they have no clue when even the most regular calls might develop into intolerable circumstances.

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