Michelle Pfeiffer Celebrates 30 Years with David E. Kelley

Michelle Pfieffer and David E. Kelley have hit a significant milestone in their relationship!

On Monday, the 65-year-old actress and her TV writer/producer husband celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a lovely photo of the duo.

“30 years of bliss,” Pfieffer said beside an Instagram photo of the couple.

Pfieffer and Kelley met on a blind date in 1993 and married that November.

During an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last year, the Scarface actress revealed the plot.

“I was kind of nervous … and I’d had a couple of bad blind dates and I had sworn off of them, and my best friend said, ‘Please, just this last time, meet this guy, David Kelley,’ and I said, ‘Okay,'” Pfeiffer revealed this at the time. “I thought it was a good idea to do like a bowling party.”

Pfeiffer remembered the Ally McBeal creator “chatting it up” with her sister at a group supper before the party.

“I say to my best friend ‘I think I should set Dedee [Pfeiffer’s sister] up with him they seem to be really hitting it off.’ My friend said, ‘Don’t you dare I will kill you,’” she added, adding as a joke, “It didn’t start out great.”

Pfeiffer was already in the process of adopting her daughter, Claudia Rose, when they met. Kelley adopted Claudia the same year they married, and the couple welcomed their son John Henry the following year.

Despite the fact that Pfeiffer and Kelley both work in the entertainment business, the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania actress has admitted that she does not collaborate with her husband.

She values their relationship more than a good part, and she simply believe it’s too risky, she said in 2022 to presenter Jimmy Fallon.

She said that they’re both kind of fierce when they work, so if she comes home after a bad day and she is upset about something, she wants him to be on her side since he hasn’t heard the other side. That has some worth.

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