Colorado Hiker Reported Missing Found Deceased, Loyal Dog Survives Beside His Body

A man was discovered dead on a Colorado mountain about two months after he went missing while on a summer trek with his dog, which was discovered alive and at his side.

Rich Moore, 71, and his dog went missing on August 19 after leaving their house “with a plan to summit Blackhead Peak,” according to Taos Search and Rescue.

On Oct. 30, a local hunter discovered Moore’s remains in the Lower Blanco drainage basin, according to a news statement.

The Pagosa Springs man’s dog, a white Jack Russell terrier called Finney, “was discovered alive” among the hiker’s body.

The next day, Finney was taken from the scene and transferred to a nearby veterinary facility. Since then, she has “been reunited with her family.”

Moore’s remains were also discovered on October 31. Although no foul play is suspected, officials have not revealed an official reason for the death.

Blackhead Peak is located in the San Juan National Forest in Colorado’s southwest corner.

Crews spent approximately 2,000 hours searching for Moore and Finney before the hunter was discovered, more than two months after they were reported missing.

According to TSAR member Delinda Vanne-Brightyn, Moore’s body was discovered more than two kilometers east of the mountain he was trying to ascend.

Vanne-Brightyn and her certified K9 AkioYodasan “searched just under the peak-top and directly West” for Moore. A chopper dropped the pair into the location since “it was so steep,” she explained.

Vanne-Brightyn and TSAR both expressed their sympathies to Moore’s family, saying, “but are glad they were able to gain some closure as well as bring their dog back home.”

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