Nebraska Teen, 16, Charged with Cutting Newborn’s Throat Uncovered by Father

According to various accounts, a 16-year-old girl in Nebraska has been detained on suspicion of murdering her newborn infant.

According to an arrest document, the adolescent reportedly gave birth to the newborn on Nov. 6, and the child was subsequently discovered dead inside her bedroom.

The girl’s father contacted 911 to report that a newborn infant was not breathing and had died. According to the affidavit, when officials arrived, they discovered the girl and her mother with the newborn, who was wrapped in a towel.

According to the complaint, the teenager’s mom informed investigators, “She hurt him,” apparently referring to the 16-year-old’s actions toward the infant.

According to the complaint, the mother told investigators that while she was out, she saw blood on the walls and floor of the girl’s bedroom, and when the adolescent returned home, she informed her mother that the baby was “dead” and that “she killed it.”

According to the complaint, her father discovered the infant in the teenager’s closet, wrapped in clothing and inside a dog food bag. The father attempted to rescue the infant by doing CPR before dialing 911. According to the affidavit, one of the responding officers saw that the newborn had many stab wounds and that its neck had been slashed.

According to comments from her parents to investigators, the youngster took a knife from her Gordon, Neb., home’s kitchen, the Star Herald said, citing the affidavit. Later, the knife was discovered in her closet.

According to the complaint, when the adolescent got home, she acknowledged to killing the infant.

Following the confrontation with officials at her residence, the youngster was treated at a nearby hospital and allegedly had surgery.

She was arraigned on Nov. 9 on counts of first-degree murder and criminal use of a dangerous weapon. According to the Star Herald, she is being detained without bail.

It’s unclear if she’s filed a plea or hired an attorney.

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