MIL Barely Sees Her Grandkids, Lies That Husband Doesn’t Want Them In Their House, Later Gets Exposed In Front Of The Whole Family.

Although encountering toxic people is unavoidable, it is often in your best advantage to dismiss their traits and go on with your life. That, unfortunately, is not always practicable. For example, if your adored mother-in-law thinks you’re withholding the kids from her and then blames her husband for not allowing you to visit, it’s time for a little squabble.

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MIL’s family likes to treat me like absolute sh%t for “keeping her grandkids from her” In reality MIL is welcome to visit but doesn’t want to because she would have to stay in a hotel. She chooses to never video chat or call, so she has only seen my 5 year old once and never met my 3 year old (until now). MIL also doesn’t invite us to visit because she claims her husband doesn’t want us in their house. I always thought that made him sound like a controlling douche, but whatever. We are currently in her state for a wedding.

Recently I got crap from MIL’s dad about how it isn’t right and we should come and see her. I replied that we aren’t invited as her husband doesn’t want us in the house. Well MIL’s dad is a gossip, so that got around to the whole family and MIL’s husband was pissed and said he never said that. MIL said it might be a misunderstanding and we should let it go.

At this point I realized she had lied about something. I said it wasn’t a misunderstanding on my end, as I had clearly heard her say it. MIL’s husband snapped at me that while he wouldn’t enjoy us visiting, he would never be controlling like that with his wife’s son. MIL again said let’s move on.

I refused and said she had told me that, so right now she needs to explain. MIL finally admitted that he never actually said it, but she knew how much he would hate having us in his house, and it made her sad, so she didn’t want to invite us. She then got some shit from the family about being a bad mom and lying. MIL is currently furious with me. She says I should have let her change the subject, that I made her look bad, and that I took what she said too literally. What should I do? Did I go too far here? 

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