MIL Gets Angry When Her Grandchildren Address Her Son’s Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend As “Dad”.

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Source: Reddit

This is the exact quote my former MIL screamed at me in my own driveway back in 2006. While her worthless, addict son literally hid behind her.

My girls were 3 and 6 and my fiancée had already taken them in the house. What set her off was hearing my kids call him “dad”. Which we hadn’t taught them, they had just started doing it because her precious son only saw my girls 4 or 5 times a year.

So here I have this garbage human that literally had his mommy fighting his battles, who didn’t answer his phone when I called, didn’t work or pay child support, and didn’t even know our youngest daughter’s birthday or how to spell our oldest child’s middle name.

And then I have this fiancée, this sweet, kind hearted man who fell in love with me and my girls, who said to me when he proposed, “Those girls deserve a dad and I want to be it.” This guy wanted the job, so why should I be dealing with this fool and his jackass mother anymore?

I replied to her, “Nothing I can do about it, huh? I guess we’ll see about that.”

That was the last time she saw my kids. I never called her son again and I stopped answering her phone calls. It’s amazing how quickly he disappeared when I stopped forcing him to do his job.

My fiancée and I married that fall. We filed adoption papers after Christmas. My ex didn’t contest it. He didn’t show up to court. His mother showed up on my doorstep on Easter but my husband told her to take a hike.

My children are 20 and 17 now. They don’t know my ex. In 14 years, they have not seen or heard from him. No phone calls or birthday cards. No social media requests. If he walked by them on the street, he would just be any other guy to them.

He’s been completely erased from my children’s lives. He does not exist to them. He is not their father. So yeah, I guess there was something I could do about it.

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