“Ex-Mother-In-Law Was Thrown Out.” – Best Christmas Present Ever.

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Backstory: My Ex and I co-parent our 6 year old daughter. His job required him to be out of the country for months at a time, and it got to the stage where this year he spent nearly 8 months out of town total, 6 of which were on other continents entirely. He arrived back in town in September.

While he was gone there was a kid at our daughter’s school who was forcing her to hug him, and I taught Kiddo to say “do not touch me!” and put her arms out if he does it again. Ex tried to hug Kiddo, who used what I taught her on Ex, and sh*t hit the fan.

To cut an already too long summary short, ExMIL convinced Ex that this had to be parental alienation and coming entirely from me, then Kiddo was diagnosed with autism and was proven to just not like being touched in general, then ExMIL cussed me out for “giving Kiddo autism” and Ex went full no contact with her.

So this Christmas: Ex and I agreed to do Christmas at his place. I brought Kiddo with me on Christmas Eve and we stayed through Boxing Day. Ex and I cooked dinner together and we put Kiddo in charge of icing deserts, which she loved. Food was great, aside from something going wrong with the turkey so we ended up grilling some chicken instead, and right at the end of the meal someone knocked on the door.

Ex has no peephole and no chain on his door (he will be installing both soon) so when we heard the knocking and I realised I was closest, I offered to get it. I open the door a couple inches and am immediately knocked aside. I won’t say she shoved me, but I will say that she’s strong for a woman twice my age and half a foot shorter than me.

Sweeps past me calling out “where are my babies?” Ex tells Kiddo to stay in the kitchen and goes to intercept her in the living room. He looks like he’s seen a ghost, so I know this wasn’t his doing. He tells her to leave. She calls for Kiddo to come into the living room so she can give her presents. I go into the kitchen to make sure Kiddo stays at the table.

I hear Ex tells ExMIL to leave in the same firm voice that used to tell me to stop talking about her like that back when he was in the FOG. I hear ExMIL play the “but it’s Christmas” card, and Ex respond that it will still be Christmas by the time she gets home. Footsteps, protests, door opens and shuts, not a peep out of MIL after that. I knew he was no contact but that was the best present I could have asked for.

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