Mother’s Strong Reaction When Boyfriend Slapped Her Non-Verbal Son.

Mother’s love is the purest form of love. Mom’s are our superheroes and biggest supporters in one’s life. (Thanks Naomi for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

My son is 3 year old. He just had a small tantrum, nothing more or less.

We were all sitting at the table and my boyfriend (M30) had a bad day so he slapped my child so hard he fell from the chair. My boyfriend got mad at me because after the incident I was holding my son in my arms to reassure him that everything was fine.

He had no marks on him but I felt so disgusted and angry. I decided then and there i will leave him.

My son‘s non verbal so he gets frustrated when no one understands him. It‘s still no excuse to do that!! I excused me and my son to the loo and then i called 911 on him immediately.

My child is the most important thing in my life. It was hard and heartbreaking, and it was the best choice I ever made.

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