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Mom advocates for only changing baby diapers with consent from the infant

When an individual or couple has a kid, changing diapers is part of the routine. While it is not the most enjoyable aspect of parenting, it is something that virtually all goes through at some point.

As with other matters concerning child rearing, there are several points of view on how to properly care for a newborn. Parents and specialists disagree on the best diapers, the frequency with which diapers should be changed, and the right manner to change them.

The American Pregnancy Association suggests changing a diaper every two or three hours, which most experienced parents would agree is a sensible routine.

Yet, not all follow this advice when deciding when and where to change their kid’s diaper.

Lottie Daley, a mother herself, was recently featured on the British chat show and her criterion for selecting whether to change a diaper sparked a lot of controversy.

Daley believes that a child’s agreement should be obtained before changing his or her diaper. She feels that teaching kids about permission and bodily autonomy at an early age will benefit them.

However, obtaining consent from a newborn is not as simple as asking a “yes or no” inquiry. Babies cannot comprehend or react to consent questions.

Lottie will continue to inquire the question in the hope that doing so would begin to create the kid’s awareness of seeking and being asked before touching someone.

This behavior is not just formed during diaper changes. According to Daley, the procedure ought to be utilized in the bath, when washing or wiping things off of them, and before tickling them.

She has followed what she preaches, and she still asks her five and seven-year-old girls for consent before assisting them in cleaning themselves.

Lottie believes that teaching consenting methods to youngsters at a young age is considerably more useful than waiting until they are teens. Kids will be able to set their own limits and recognize the boundaries of others.

She goes a step further, stating that tickling should be prohibited.

Russell Brand, a friend of Lottie’s, has previously appeared on the show.  Even the “Get Him to the Greek” actor has stated similar views on kid upbringing.

He argues that one should not do anything to a kid that one would not do to a grownup without their agreement. To do differently would be a violation of a person’s physical autonomy.

The actress urged parents to think how unpleasant or improper it would be to tickle an adult with their permission, and she urged them to do the same for their kids.

Daley was rightfully blasted on social media after clarifying her opinion on the broadcast.

Many people have voiced worry that her beliefs were dangerously near to never being able to assist kids clean themselves again, which would lead to poor hygiene and health hazards. Some believe that prohibiting activities like tickling goes too far and takes away some of what makes parenting unique.

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