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Why This California Man Offers to Fill Gas Tanks for Free

Bob Morgan, who had run out of petrol twice in the previous several weeks, pulled into the Shell gas station in Rancho Santa Margarita on Tuesday, seeking assistance.

Fortunately, Morgan saw a Facebook post from a man giving free petrol before running out for the third time.

He simply occurred to stumble across his message, Morgan explained. He  felt like he’d run out of petrol two days in a row – the car physically stalled. This was ideal.

Ray Walter, an Orange County resident and Texas transplant, created the post to provide a gift of petrol to individuals trying to fill up at sky-high rates.

They’re not giving out cash, he explained. They’ll fill up ones tank, and the offer was limited to one person each week. He is  not sure how that will work, but they’re taking it one day at a time — nearly one hour at a time since the feedback has been tremendous.

While he set out to aid one individual every week, he had already exceeded that objective by noon.

He filled up the petrol tank fully for $100, motorist Kaylee Goodwin explained.

He assisted top out five petrol tanks totalling roughly $500 in only a few hours.

California Man Offers to Fill Gas Tanks for Free

Soaring gas prices have been hitting Californians, like other residents across the country, hard. The average price for a gallon of unleaded today is $6.38. A big-hearted Texas transplant, who now lives in California, Is doing something to help ease the pain at the pump. “We’re just obviously one family. We can only do so much but we want to help those that we can help,” Ray Walter told KCBS.

Posted by Inside Edition on Wednesday, June 22, 2022

If somebody could offer support for fuel, it’s the same as paying a bill or putting food on the table, Rancho Santa Margarita resident Wendall Frazier said.

Many others witnessed Walter’s gesture of generosity and chose to assist him by mailing him money to fill up more tanks.

They are simply one big family, Walter explained. They can only do so much, but they wish to assist people who are in need.

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