Mom and dad of three died in a car accident on their way to their 16-year-old son’s football game- Rest in peace.

It is always heartbreaking to learn of the death of a young couple. It’s even terrible to find that the couple abandoned many kids, who are now on their own in the world.

After losing both of their parents in such a tragic way, these siblings’ lives were shattered.

For the Sims family, it was just another Friday evening. Kevin, “K.D,” and Christain, “CeCe,” Sims were on their way to watch their oldest kid play football. Then something unforeseen occurred.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, the couple was engaged in a multi-car collision on Highway 36. An automobile collided with another, causing it to veer out of control and into the Sims’ car.

Officials arrived on the scene and declared Mrs. Sims dead on the spot, while Mr. Sims was taken to a hospital and died there.

Kevin wouldn’t have done anything without ‘CeCe, and he wouldn’t have done anything without ‘Key.’  Felicia Sims commented on her son and his wife.

Posted by CeCe Sims on Monday, 31 December 2018

She cried as she remembered the pair and their devotion to one another. The pair had known one other since high school, and based on Felicia Sims, they had spent time together creating a lovely existence. The pair had recently been performing football coaching and volunteer work together.

They were born to be together, a pair that drew people together, Felicia Sims remarked of the couple.

The couple was highly interested in their children’s life and made time for them. They were pleased with their children’s sports prowess and showed there to cheer them on.

8th grade day yesterday at Henderson Middle School keep going Mayjour we proud of you the best is yet to come I promisha keep learning grinding and growing as a athlete! 🖤 PHOTO CRED Viola Coley

Posted by Kevin Kd-coppa Sims on Thursday, 15 September 2022

People have stated they’ll miss seeing K.D. up and down on the sideline when his kid plays ball, Mr. Sim’s mother said.

If it was one’s first time meeting him, one’d feel as if one’d known him for his entire life. They were both welcoming to everyone, she continued.

Mr. Sims is survived by 5 kids, three of whom he shared with his wife, CeCe Sims.

Mr. Sim’s mom is seeking peace in the knowledge that this was all part of a larger plan, stating that they fulfilled a huge purpose in this world. If they didn’t perform their function, there’s no reason for them to be gone right now.

A loving one has put up a GoFundMe campaign to assist the family with burial and orphaned kids expenses.

Friends and family are upset by the loss of such an essential member of their family. We extend their sympathies and wish them comfort.

Please pray with us for the Sims family and their kids.

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