Two-year-old ‘miracle baby’ born without a nose dies.

Some stories stay with you forever, and Eli Thompson’s experience is one of them.

Eli Thompson was born without a nose and had a difficult childhood, but his charisma and charm won the hearts of individuals all over the country.

He was born with arrhinia at South Baldwin Hospital in Foley, Alabama, with no nasal passages or sinus cavities. Eli’s father, Jeremy Finch, described his son as “extremely bright” and “always smiling.”

He affected a lot of people’s lives, Finch said through tears. A large number of individuals were concerned about him.

Eli used infant sign language to communicate and had begun speech therapy at home.

Many called Eli the “Miracle Baby” at the time of his birth in 2015, and supporters were kept up to speed on his progress via social media.

Eli’s favorite food, like every other kids, was cookies!

Cookie’ was his favorite sign, the father explained.

Every morning, he asked for a cookie, and he just got the “Cookie Monster Award” from his daycare.

Eli has always been an inspiration to others.This disease affects just one in every 197 million infants born.

Eli had a tracheotomy at the age of five days. He was also found to have arhinia, a congenital face disease that has only been documented 30 times.

For the first several months of his existence, the small child was the center of attention. His parents divorced when he was six months old.

Despite these challenges, Eli prospered.

Numerous individuals from all around the world followed the journey of the baby’s birth on a Facebook page named Eli’s Story.

Eli met another kid with the same illness when he was 7 months old. Tessa Evans of Ireland, who was 2 1/2 years old at the time, also had arhinia.

Getting to introduce Tessa to Eli was like a dream come true, and sitting and talking with his family was extremely important to them, Tessa’s mom, Grainne Evans, wrote after the meeting.

Tessa was completely smitten with Eli and caressed and stroked his head. Eli’s stare up at her was too wonderful to describe.

Eli sadly died barely two months after his second birthday.

They lost their little friend last night, Eli Thompson’s father, Jeremy Finch, said on Facebook.

He’ll never understand why this occurred, and it will pain him for a long time. But he is so grateful to have had this wonderful guy in his life!

Many of Eli’s admirers were shocked to learn of the boy’s death.

He ended his race much sooner than they had hoped, however it was God’s time to bring him home, Finch said on Facebook.

He’ll never tire of seeing him at the gates of heaven, waiting for him to give him another of his renowned fist bumps! He truly loves his little boy. Rest in peace beautiful soul.

We are sorry for their loss… The baby is adorable… Sweet Heavenly Angel…

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