Mom and daughter spend $86,000 on plastic surgery to get their dream look

Every person on the planet is born with a distinct appearance. Indeed, some of us are extremely similar in some respects, however there are things that set us apart. How we appear is probably not something that many people consider. There are individuals, though, who desire to stand out and strive to modify their look in order to do so – which they are, of course, free to do.

Georgina Clarke, 44, and her daughter Kayla Morris, 26, are two such women. They had spent over $86,000 on cosmetic procedures together. Georgina and her daughter Kayla aren’t your usual mother/daughter team. They spend nearly all of their money on cosmetic surgery. They both aspire to be like their idol, model Katie Price.

Georgina and Kayla spent more than $8,000 on a solarium and $86,000 on cosmetic surgery. Kayla explains that as a mother and daughter, plastic surgery is a way for them to unite. They want larger boobs, bigger buttocks, and to appear even more like Barbies.

Kayla’s expensive passion is paid for by her work as a stripper, a job that mum Georgina approves of. At the age of 17, the daughter began working as a stripper. The 30 year old mother expressed that when Kayla told her she wanted a breast job and plastic surgery, She was relieved because she wanted her to be that sort of person.

She considers herself extremely fortunate to have a daughter like Kayla who pays for her therapies. She does not care if she has a sugar daddy or if she has to strip to pay for their cosmetic treatment because they are enjoying a truly incredible lifestyle.

So far, they’ve had lip enlargements, hair extensions, breast enlargements, and cheek infusions. The two aren’t ready to quit altering their bodies just yet. They intend to get nose surgery as well as bigger breast and buttock implants in the future.

Personally for me I feel everyone should learn to love themselves the way they are.

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