Newborn twins don’t realize they’ve been born, refuse to stop cuddling like they did in the womb

Having a twin can be a mind boggling thing, having somebody who’s constantly there for you right from the beginning of life, a bond that endures forever.

One mind boggling video shows exactly the way in which profound that bond is, in any event, beginning before birth: two infant twin young men would not quit snuggling together as they did in the belly! The kids, who are less than two months old, are bathed and continue to grasp each other, putting their small arms and legs around each other, in a video that has nearly 50 million views on YouTube.

Sonia Rochel, a maternity nurse and grandmother from Paris, France, designed a unique baby bath for the twins. Because it is intended to simulate the sense of being in the womb, the procedure is intended for newborns younger than two months old.

This could explain why the twins are so loving with each other and want to be as close as they were before they were born.

What a fantastic video! It depicts a genuine love relationship between two identical siblings from infancy.

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