Mom asks if she’s wrong for not taking back custody of kids after they chose dad.

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I know the title makes me sound like an a%^**ole but hear me out. I (35 female) have three children with my ex-boyfriend (37 male).

We had 50/50 custody since our last daughter (7 years of age). In June of 2021 he asked for 100 percent custody and of course, I refused. He threatened me saying he would get it.

That Sunday when I got them for my week my children were angry and accused me of kid-napping them. The whole week they were too much so I gave him 100 percent custody while agreeing to pay child support.

It was summer so, of course, they were having lots of fun and since his new girlfriend couldn’t have children it was like a perfect situation for them.

Well, I moved out of the house, got an apartment where I could easily pay rent, and began living my best life. It got kind of lonely but I reminded myself it was just me and I was free to do anything I want.

Well once school started problems rose at their house, he didn’t know what to do when it came to school as I covered all of it. I gave him a binder with everything he would need to do.

Well since January the kids and my ex have been begging to go back to 50/50 and I’ve refused every time.

His reasons are 1. they can’t have bedtime with them in the house, 2. working with the school for grades is too complicated, 3. he can’t discipline them, 4. they expect an allowance, 5. he’s sorry for threatening me.

I still refused and told them they made their choice. Well, he told my family and I’m getting messages from everyone for not taking the kids back. So Am I A Jerk? What should I do?

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