HERO LOST: Deputy shot, killed while chasing fugitive; manhunt leads to suspect’s capture

Officials claimed a Maryland sheriff’s deputy was shot and died in the line of duty on Sunday night while trying to apprehend a suspect.

Wicomico County Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard, 41, saw the suspect leave an apartment complex in Pittsville and pursued him, according to the sheriff’s office. Hilliard was killed while attempting to capture the culprit.

Law enforcement apprehended the culprit after a lengthy search. Officials did not immediately identify the defendant, who was wanted on various criminal charges in different jurisdictions, according to officials.

A previous sheriff’s office notice said that a guy named Austin Davidson was sought for questioning in association with a cop shooting that same night on Gumboro Road in Pittsville. According to the sheriff’s office, Davidson, who was deemed armed and dangerous, was subsequently apprehended.

There were no other details available at the time.

Hilliard’s wife and three kids survive him. He was a 16-year police enforcement veteran. According to the sheriff’s office, he had recently been sent back to patrol due to a request.

“Every day, brave men and women like Glenn Hilliard put their lives at risk to safeguard our families, and I am incredibly thankful to them for maintaining our communities safe,” stated the sheriff’s office.

Hilliard was honoured by the sheriff’s office as a wonderful human being.

The agency stated that they are grieved as an organisation over this needless and awful killing. This tragedy has taken a tremendous emotional impact on the Sheriff’s Office family, yet they will do everything possible to remember Glenn and assist those who knew and loved him.

Next week would have been Hilliard’s 42nd birthday. Rest in peace officer. Thank you for your service. 

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