Twins from Kansas city celebrate their 102nd birthday – congratulations

Birthdays are usually memorable occasions. They become famous when you achieve the century of your birth! These twin sisters must have had remarkable genes to have survived to their 102nd birthday!

Elouise Lyons, 102, of Kansas City, Missouri, recently celebrated her birthday. And she has celebrated each one with her twin sister. Elouise’s 102nd birthday was celebrated by all in Glenwood Village in Overland Park.

Elouise is shy and maintains she doesn’t know the key to living a long life, yet her son is ready to provide details on his mother’s behalf. Her son, Paul Lyons, believes his mom’s golden rule is to be optimistic about everything and to drink a shot of whiskey every day. He claims his mom has drunk a shot of whisky each day since he can recall.

“She’s been doing it for years and years,” he says.

When questioned what her best birthday memory was, Elouise simply said that there were too many birthdays for her to choose just one. That may be valid when an individual has experienced over a hundred birthdays!

Her birthday this year was a roaring 20s-themed celebration complete with flapper outfits and vintage music. Maybe this is a birthday she will remember fondly as well.

The twins do not live in the same house. Her twin sister, on the other hand, lives in California. But the sisters will undoubtedly celebrate together. While meeting in person may be challenging, they intend to celebrate their birthday together through Zoom as well.

At the age of 102, these two women have witnessed significant changes in the globe.

Elouise’s youngster cannot fathom what his mom has been through. Paul Lyons remarked, when she was born, they had just recently begun flying aeroplanes. he can’t even imagine.

Being able to reach your 102nd birthday is a significant achievement in and of itself. It’s much more amazing when you’re surrounded by loved ones.

Our entire crew wishes these adorable twin sisters a very happy birthday.

Watch the video and share this beautiful story with your loved ones too.

102-year-old celebrates with roaring 20s party

A flapper party 102 years in the making: Elouise Lyons and her twin sister are alive and well for their 102nd birthdays. In KC, Lyons, her family, and her friends decided to have a roaring 20s-themed party at the Glenwood Village in Overland Park, KS, where she lives.

Posted by KMBC 9 on Monday, 6 June 2022

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