Mom asks if she’s wrong to kick 17 y/o pregnant daughter out of house.

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My 17 yo daughter (youngest and we had her late) is 7 weeks pregnant (she will be 18 by the time she gives birth) She is not in a relationship with the father. He reeaallyyy, I can’t stress this enough, does not want a baby. I honestly don’t even think he’ll show up for the birth or anything.

She has decided to continue with the pregnancy against all advice from practically every adult in her life. After she insisted on not only continuing with the pregnancy but raising the baby I asked her how she is going to manage that? This was the jist of the convo:

Her: I’ll get a job. Me: Who’s going to watch the baby while you’re at work? Her: I thought you and dad could. Me: absolutely not, I’m not raising another baby.

Pretty much a back and forth for a bit that led me to believe that if she has this baby in this house, I’m practically going to be its mother. I’m very recently retired and my husband is retiring in exactly 11 months (there’s a countdown) and this is not how I want to spend my retirement years. It’s not fair to us. So I told her that she has until the baby is born to find a place to live. Husband has always been wrapped around her finger (which normally is endearing, I love how much he loves our children) so he is not fully on board with that but I feel like we need to be united on this. I just want to know if I’m in the wrong here. What advice would you give to parents to deal with a situation like this?

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