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Anne Heche Discovered Organ Donor, To Be Removed From Life Support.

Anne Heche will be taken off life support on Sunday as organ recipients have been selected and surgeons are prepared to remove and then implant her organs.

Organ donation is regarded as one of the most holy types of medical practice… physicians treat organ donors with care and respect, despite the fact that they are unaware of the operation.

It’s informed that Anne will be taken off life support early Sunday afternoon, and the surgery will then proceed.

Sources close to Anne affirm that many organs will be donated, but they refuse to elaborate.

Anne was certified brain dead on Friday which in California implies the individual has died, despite the fact that she was still on life support with a pumping heart to keep her organs healthy.

As you are aware, Anne was involved in a tragic vehicle accident last Friday when she drove at great speed into a house… the car caught fire and she was seriously injured.

Under the conditions of Anne’s death, the L.A. County Coroner is required to perform an autopsy.

Source – TMZ

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