Mom Begs People To Stop Bullying After Her 12-Year-Old Son Takes His Own Life Due To Bullying In School

The family of 12-year-old Drayke Hardman is speaking out about bullying and trying to raise awareness.

Drayke experienced persistent bullying and decided to take a fatal step. He passes away by suicide to end his pain and suffering. This lovable boy’s family has been crushed and their lives have changed forever.

The family says that Drayke had a heart of gold and was kind to everyone around him. They are devastated by the loss and want to do what they can to make sure no other parent has to go through this.

Drayke was cruelly tortured at school for small violations. His school was aware of the bullying and had already taken action against the aggressor by suspending him. He tried to become friends with his bully, but it was pointless. Even so, the bullying sustained and affected his mental health harshly.

One day, Drayke returned home from school with a black eye and told his elder sister that his intimidator had physically abused him. 

On February 9th, 2022, his sister saw her brother hanging with his much-loved sweatshirt from his bunk bed. Drayke’s father instantly began CPR until paramedics came and took over. Drayke’s heart began to beat after 15 minutes in a ray of hope. However, he had suffered deadly damage till then. Drayke died on February 10, 2022, enclosed by his family and their unconditional love. 

His mother posted heartfelt photos of her son on Instagram. She stated that her gorgeous boy was fighting a fight that not even she could save him. As a mother, she can do nothing to take this deep pain away. It was the cruel words of other that at last took her son away. His mother said that how does a 12-year-old who was loved by everyone think that life is so hard he needs to take himself from it.

Drayke’s father said that this bully was also a victim and that’s where we need to find the answer in training our children that the world is broken but they’re the generation that is going to fix it. He believes that children aren’t certainly angry and there must be something broken deep down there’s that this child took from his son.

Drayke’s parents are trying to raise wakefulness on the significance of teaching kindness and meaning of bullying to children. They believe that kind-heartedness and sympathy can avert heartbreaks like the death of their son. Parents need to be more present in the life of their kids and learn the marks of emotional suffering to get the help required for their kids.

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