Guy Surprises His Girlfriend By Proposing Under A Rare Comet That Is Only Visible Every 6,800 Years.

A proposal is an unforgettable occasion for anyone. But for one couple, it was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. John Nicotera and Erica Pendrak got engaged under Comet Neowise, an extremely rare cosmic event.

In recent times a comet called Neowise looked on our skyline. This long-period comet that is located 160 million miles away from Earth has become bright enough to be visible to the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere from July 15 through July 23. It can only be seen by humans once every 6,800 years, hence making it an exceptionally rare glimpsing and a picture-perfect one for John’s proposal.

John said that the idea of a proposal has been sitting in his mind for 6-8 months this was not the original idea. He had to cancel his initial plan to propose his girlfriend on a Europe trip. It was then when John came up with a better idea. He wanted to create a special proposal for Erica that they could share together and his idea for the Comet just came to his mind on one fine day. It could be because John is always reading about all things related to outer space.

John didn’t have much time for planning and said that everything happened very fast. Within 5 days, he got the idea, found a spot and a photographer, who happens to be his friend. Erica though that it is going to be just a normal trip but eventually turned out the most romantic proposal that have ever happened.

John said that his mind was nowhere else but in the exact moment. It was the greatest moment of his life and it came together like a dream come true. His friend, Tim was capturing the moment just perfectly and with those pictures, they will be able to relive that moment and cherish it the rest of their lives. John further said that words are not enough to express his happiness and how grateful he is for Tim for capturing everything so perfectly.

Erica was completely blown away as she had absolutely no idea it was coming at that time. John mentioned that she was in total disbelief and so as him that it worked out so perfectly just the way he had hoped.

They both feel like they still can’t believe how everything came together so perfectly, it literally has been a dream come true for both of them.

The photo shots of the joyful moment quickly took over the internet, leaving people captivated by the stunning sight. The photos were even re-tweeted by an astronaut who passes on good wishes to the couple.

John said that they both live together in the small city of Utica and it is wild to think that their special moment is going viral. For them, it is completely mind blowing that people all over the country and all over the world had shared and heard their story.

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