“They Are Not Twins”: Woman Conceives While Already Pregnant.

Ever heard of a woman getting pregnant while already being pregnant? Well, this is a fact. A young lady, Odalis Martizen, has revealed how she conceives while she was already pregnant.

Odalis and Antonio Martinez from California found out they were in the family way and they were overjoyed with the news after having suffered a miscarriage a few months back. 

However, things took an unpredictable turn when they went for a check-up after a few weeks and the couple found out that Odalis was actually expecting two babies who had been conceived during different times in the same week.

The happy mom shared stunning pre-maternity photos while announcing her pregnancy and she was overjoyed to carry her baby.

The two baby girls were born on August 10 last year and they look just like twins but that is not the case. This consequence was the result of an exceptional occurrence called superfetation when a second egg is released and fertilised during the first pregnancy

The proud mother said it felt like a miracle to have daughters Lilo and Imelda. Lilo was conceived first, and also entered the world in that order. Her second daughter, Imelda followed her sister into the world. 

The couple admits that the pair looks so similar that she and her husband have mistaken them for one another quite often.

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