Mom Catches Her Teen Sleeping With Her SIL & Has Zero Idea What To Do.

(This story was sent to us by Donna).

Source: Reddit

I (44F) walked in on my son (18M) having sex with my sister in law (34F)(brothers wife) in a cabin and I think they have been having sex for a while.

My brother (37M) moved in with us in February with his wife and 2 children, my husband (44M) and I have big house on a farm (my husband is a farmer) and with everyone working from home we thought it would be a good chance to stay together as family and for my nieces to spend time on the farm. I have 3 children and all of them live with us. The oldest is 18M and the other two are 16F and 13F.

On the day my brother arrived I went to buy groceries with my son and he went to the pharmacy to get his gym supplements and I bought the food. I saw condoms in my son’s plastic bag when we arrived at the house, two packs with 36 condoms each so 72 in total (didn’t think anything of it, thought he had gotten a GF and wanted to be safe).

Everything was fine everyone got along my SIL and son would go on an early run around the farm everything seemed normal until last month when they left on their run but I was up baking and I never saw them make any rounds around the farm which was weird, I asked about it and they said they decided to hit the road (i thought nothing of this everything seemed normal). My SIL and son seemed to have a very good bond.

Yesterday I was coming from a friend’s house early in the morning the Sun wasn’t up yet and it was little dark but I saw that the cabin we have in the farm was open and the light was on (I thought maybe one of the employees had forgotten to lock up), so I went to close the door and switch off the light as I got closer I heard people having sex and I took a peak and it was my son and SIL having sex, I didn’t confront them I was so in shock.

Finally that evening I confronted my SIL & asked her to find a new accommodation along with her family. She begged me not to tell anyone & asked for forgiveness. Then I went to my son along with my husband and confronted him. He was just speechless. I haven’t decided on his punishment yet but definitely we will make him regret it.

And After a lot of thought we decided not to talk about this to SIL husband to keep the family peace. I suppose we are doing the right thing.

What is your opinion about her decision ?

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