Husband’s Mom Calls To Inform They Won’t Be Present For The Baby Shower After Refusing SIL Wish.

Being a parent is one of the most precious feelings a person can experience. Every parent wants their child’s name to be unique and beautiful. (This story was sent to us by Cora).

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My husband has two sisters. Jane is older and Emma is younger, He and I are expecting our second baby and we already have his name decided, Jane knows this because she saw my husband pick up the custom name sticker we got for the nursery. 

Now that Jane knows I have a name chosen, she is dying to know the name. She asked my husband and he told her we’d reveal all when the baby is here. She came to me then and asked me and I said no to giving her the name.

The reason? When Emma had her son she used the name Emma had mentioned when she was six months pregnant.

Jane was also pregnant, a couple of months ahead of Emma and when Jane’s son was born she used the name Emma had chosen, She used the whole entire name, not a variation. The same name.

“Same first and middle name and also last,” Emma ended up changing her son’s name and it really upset her.

When my husband and I had our daughter Jane went nuts over her name, She told us we had amazing taste and ‘joked’ that she wished she had a girl to use it on.

My husband “told her that wouldn’t work anymore since we already had a child with the name.” SIL just “rolled her eyes at his response.”

Jane’s due date is before me. “I suspect she would use our son’s name if we told her now.”

She thinks I’m being too uptight and should share the name since it’s not a big deal and can give her the chance to get something extra special for our son. But she was not buying it – not even for a second.

My MIL called and was angry with both of us with our decision she say’s we don’t consider them as family and if they won’t tell us the name they will not be present at the baby shower.

What do you think about the couple’s decision ?

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