Guy On My Date Last Night: “The Lady Will Have A Salad. I Don’t Want To Be 50 And Married To A Plus-Size”.

Love is blind not incase for this man who has ready decided how he wants his woman to be when he is in his 50s. I hope he learns a lesson in life that respecting a woman is the best quality a woman looks for and beauty lies within. (This story was sent to us by Harper).

Source: Reddit

This guy asked me on a date and took me to a steakhouse he said had been wanting to check out. When the waitress came to take our order he ordered a tomahawk steak plus two sides and then told the waitress “the lady will have a salad”. My jaw dropped. I told him I didn’t know if he was joking or maybe trying to be “gentleman-like” but I can order myself whatever I decide to eat.

He then said he expects the women he dates to take care of themselves and be feminine, not eat 100 grams of fat in one sitting in front of him because “that’s not feminine”. “You’re very hot but this is a red flag for me. I know women who look like you and the moment they land a man they let themselves go. I don’t want to be 50 and married to a fatty. That’s why men cheat”. 

Lmfao talks about red flags. The whole thing was so offensive but I couldn’t help but burst out laughing because he was just beyond ridiculous and so full of himself. The waitress didn’t find it funny at all either but she was working and being professional, but you could tell though… On the table next to us was an elderly couple and the woman was looking daggers at him.

I told him his behaviour was off-putting and thanked him for showing me so quickly who he really was. He said “I don’t have to apologise for knowing what I want” and when I was getting up to leave he told me he has Bitcoin and I’ll never have another chance to “snatch” another man like him. I said “that’s the idea” and left. Drove to my sister’s home, ate homemade lasagne and watched a movie with my nieces. 

I’m still laughing about it.

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