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Pregnant Dog Who Was Shot 17 Times, Had Her Ear Cut Off And Was Abandoned On Streets Becomes Therapy Dog.

Animals have emotions and feelings. Treat them with love and respect. It’s wrong to hurt them. In this story a dog went through hell but in the end God sent an angel to take care of her. Read this heartbreaking and an amazing story of survival.

At just 5 this pooch had gone through hell more than most people would experience in their lifetime. Maggie was discovered in Lebanon with her eyes shot out, had an ear cut off, a broken jaw and was pregnant too. It is believed that Maggie was shot 17 times and then thrown on the streets. It’s heart broken what this adorable sweet dog had to go through.

Luckily, Maggie’s bad times were over. She was rescued by an animal charity named Wild At Heart Foundation who was finally adopted by Kasey, an animal lover and relocated to Brighton, UK.

After all the tragedy she suffered, Maggie became a therapy dog who on Instagram has a large number of followers like around 490,000. Kasey’s mom noticed Maggie’s post and showed it to her and they both readily agreed to foster precious Maggie.

An online campaign to get Maggie out of Lebanon took place for around 6 months and at present she is happy. Maggie travels to hospitals, universities and care homes to help others with care and healing. Maggie cleared all the necessary exams and was a qualified therapy dog with Underdog International.

Kasey explained she and Maggie worked as a wonderful team where they talk to schools and deal with youngsters one on one. Kasey knows that Maggie had a horrific past however her story can spread awareness and encourage others to do good and make the world a little better.

Maggie definitely deserves the best and thanks to Kasey this pup has a good life. Nevertheless, with the unpleasant event that happened in Maggie’s life she still didn’t give up. This pup’s courage and determination may help her to move forward in life.

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