Elderly Couple See Son Has Turned His Basement Rec Room Into A Refurbished Suite For Them Both To Live In.

The elderly duo was overwhelmed with tender emotions when they saw the suite in the basement with a total makeover that had once served as rec room for their son.

Before you could walk your parents took care of you. Now they’re getting older & they’re in need of your care. You want them to be safe. You want them to live with dignity in their own home. You may think of some living options for them. You may even think of senior living.

But mostly homes that care for elderly are costly & although you might find it affordable there is always an iota of doubt & you start wondering, if they would get proper care.

When Schon’s parents entered their twilight years, he was alarmed to find that they were becoming physically & mentally weak. He gave a serious thought to the available alternative living arrangements for them.

87 year old Bonnie and George Miller, were becoming absent-minded. Bonnie even had a fall and fractured her shoulder bone. Schon was anxious about the wellbeing of his parents, when he found his dad’s mind slipping & his mother tethered to the wheelchair after the fall.

Schon was upset. He had to get into quick action. Eventually he solved it. His parents could not control their tears when they were shown their new living space.

The doting son, from Bremen, Ohio, didn’t wish to admit his elderly parents into a nursing home so in consultation with his wife Jeannie, he began scouting for various alternatives.

“One can’t live alone without the other and we didn’t want either one to end up in a nursing home,” Schon sighed.

Schon thought of moving house to one with a mother-in-law suite. When the devoted duo didn’t succeed in executing their plan they decided upon something that was best suited for their ageing parents. It turned out to be the sweetest.

“We decided to blow a hole in the basement wall, get rid of our fun stuff like pool table, instruments, and karaoke area and move them in so we can take care of them,” Schon explained excitedly in detail.

Schon’s wise conversion for his parents is heart-touching. At the time, the elderly couple see their new space for the first time, everyone present there’s in tears!

Schon and Jeannie are marvelous examples of how the children should sacrifice & adjust their lives for the sake of their parents, gratefully acknowledging all the sacrifices their parents have done for them.

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