Mom Leaves Letter On Son’s Door And Gives Him A Rude Awakening.

There are plenty of times we have heard teen children disrespecting parents or at times behaving like a brat. Children at this age assume they know everything in this world. It’s important to teach children respect and accountability, to be a good person in life, to respect themselves and others.

Heidi Johnson, mom to Aaron Johnson, 13, who was facing the same teen problem where he was disrespectful to her, not following some of the house rules, ignored and lied about his homework. Heidi spoke to him calmly to sort out these issues but he arrogantly fought and told her he earned his own money from YouTube.

So to put him in his place she came up with a brilliant idea. She wrote an open letter to her son and before sticking it to his room door she clicked a picture of the letter and posted it on Facebook for family and some friends to see it.

In the note she wrote a bill to make him realize when he said he can make it on his own. In her words, “I wrote a bill to make a point. Nothing comes for free. Someone is making a sacrifice somewhere down the line.”

On Facebook the letter was shared around 165k times. She received mixed reactions though many gave love and supported her for expressing some tough love to her child. Whether you agree with Heidi’s parenting style or not, we all agree as parents we need to show our children their limits and correct them for their good.

Hey Folks! If you are even the least bit curious about the background of this letter, here is a link to what lead up to…

Posted by Heidi Johnson on Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Since people judged her for sharing the letter Heidi wrote another open letter later expressing that the only reason she put those rules for her son was to realise the values and attitudes in life. She also stated that the first letter was originally meant for friends and family but accidentally clicked public. And also mentioned she understands every parent’s parenting style may be different and all may not agree to her way.

Anyways when Aaron read it first he was angry and said she couldn’t take his belongings away but Heidi did just the other way. She not only took most of the items from the room but also mentioned he had to clean the room or pay the housemaid fee. She was not willing to do the housework for free anymore.

At the end Aaron learnt his mistake of being wrong, lying about his homework and apologized to his mother. He promised never to do it again. However to make things more precise Heidi and her son made a contract. At times being tough on the children makes them learn a lesson. Similarly, Heidi knew her son the best and she knew where to draw a line.

In the end every parent wants the best for their kids. It’s a happy ending for this mother and son. I am sure Aaron will be grateful to his mom later for teaching him life values.

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