Mom defends breastfeeding 5 and 6-year-old sons in public – says “it’s their choice”

Breastfeeding a kid is an excellent way for a mother to bond with her child. However, there has always been debate over the appropriate age to wean a kid off of breastmilk. This mother of two believes that the child should determine when it is appropriate to stop.

Sheryl Wynne, a West Yorkshire resident, is supporting nursing infants beyond the socially appropriate age. She breastfeeds both of her sons, who are school-age.

The 39-year-old mother of two made the choice after consulting with her kids on when to wean her kids off breastmilk.

She had planned to cease nursing when her older son Riley was three years old. Riley expressed his desire to breastfeed till he was 10 years old when she informed him of her plans and asked for his thoughts. She originally resisted, telling the little child, “there’s no way.”

Wynne would not have it any other way. She claims it is a tool for soothing her kids, who she claims come to her first when they need consolation.

She feels that breastfeeding her kids is perfectly normal, even though they are 5 and 6 years old and far over the toddler period. She believes the gesture has brought her closer to her kids. She explained that they want to be with her and cuddle with her even when they aren’t nursing.

Wynne said that strangers on the internet were more welcoming of her nursing her children than her own relatives. She said that her sons were acting strangely as a result of it, according to family and acquaintances.

Wynne expressed that individuals consider they’re experts in other people’s kids but she is not doing it blindly, even if she is trusting instincts in many ways.

She also admits to saying no to her kids and telling them to “get off” when she doesn’t feel like feeding them. However, while making a choice, she always takes their feelings and thoughts into account.

She says she even breastfed her youngsters in broad daylight at a few events. She breastfed them in school jungle gyms and other public settings. She shared that she felt restless during these occurrences however didn’t like her kids to feel as such either so she dove profound into herself and defeated her tensions.

She claims to have nursed her kids in public on many occasions. She nursed them in schoolyards and other public places. She said that she felt worried throughout these instances, but she didn’t want her kids to feel that way, so she pushed deep inside herself and conquered her fears.

Her insistence on nursing both of her kids stemmed from her negative experience with the delivery of her oldest son Riley. She was unable to properly nurse him and was filled with guilt as a result. So, after giving birth to Mylo, her younger son, she decided to try nursing Riley again.

Wynne is now attempting to establish a new trend in which women should be free to choose their own timeframe for weaning their kids. This will help them feel more connected to their children.

People have attempted to bring Wynne down on several occasions, but she is undeterred. She is adamant about creating her own chronology with the help of her boys.

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