Woman is ‘dating’ an invisible ALIEN who ‘abducted’ her from her London flat

A lady who professes to be in love with an unseen extraterrestrial claims that her alien boyfriend is better in bed than ‘Earthmen.’

Actress Emanuela Rose, also known as Abbie Bela, from East London, told on This Morning that she met the extraterrestrial after writing on Instagram that she would prefer to date someone from another planet than go on another Tinder date.

She alleges she was taken from her Canary Wharf residence later by a UFO that engulfed her in a beam of yellow light.

She was introduced to her unseen boyfriend, ‘Emmanuel,’ after meeting the extraterrestrial crew. Emanuela, who altered her name to match the alien’s, claims they’ve been dating for a year and are now planning to marry.

Emanuela, who claims aliens have no human form and are invisible to the naked eye, appeared on the show with a blow-up green alien, claiming it is “simply a placeholder” and “a symbolic depiction” of her spouse.

When inquired if the couple is physically involved, Emanuela replied, yes, she has to say once you go extraterrestrial, you’ll forget Earthmen. If you’re sick of guys, she recommends aliens. The aliens are drawn to light and pure energy. So one couldn’t even travel the distance he can because it would kill me. Compared to Earthmen, it’s like, times a million, she remarked.

In addition to addressing their love lives, Emanuela said that she desired greater commitment from her spouse and that he, too, is prepared to take the relationship to the next level.

She explained that he tried to propose, but she is really conventional. So he is looking for a ring and he’s not really sure what that is.

So she told him she needed a huge rock, and he brought her some stones from the shore. Like he simply doesn’t understand it. So he practically has no money on the planet. So she is simply hoping that they can save the money over time.

Many Twitter users were perplexed by the episode, with some accusing the show of abusing the guest.

One user added, ‘It’s great to see #ThisMorning returning back to basics and bringing on mentally ill guests for the general public to laugh at.’

What am I witnessing in love with an inflatable alien? This woman needs help, not publicity,’ said another. This show has obviously deteriorated in recent months #ThisMorning.’

‘Why, why, why do they put people like this on?’ questioned a third. It’s terrible because she definitely needs help. #ThisMorning.’

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