Mom Doesn’t Allow 7-Yr-Old Son To Go To Men’s Restroom Because She’s Worried He’ll Be Approached Inside.

This is a story about a parent who is struggling to decide whether or not to allow her young son to use the men’s restroom on his own. While she has allowed him to do so in a specific location where there is no one around, she is hesitant to allow him to do so in other places due to safety concerns. She is grappling with how to explain the situation to her son without being overly explicit.

Source: Mumsnet

I’m sure this has been discussed before. When we’re out and my boy needs the toilet, I make him come into the Ladies with me. Problem is, he’s starting to complain about it and wants to go in the Gents on his own.

I have let him do this in one particular place where there’s never anyone about, so I knew he wouldn’t encounter anyone at the urinals. I’m always honest with him but I don’t quite know how to explain why I’m not letting him do this anywhere else, like at the swimming pool/gym toilets.

He knows about the Pants rules and personal space and consent but I don’t exactly want to spell out what I’m worried about. What do you tell your kids?

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